As a pet parent, you naturally want to know everything about your four-legged friend. Whether you are a seasoned pet friend or have just welcomed your first furry friend, this is the place to be for the best blog articles with tips, tricks and information.

7 Tips for an unforgettable birthday for your pet

Your dog or cat is much more than an animal: it is a family member. Other family members celebrate their birthdays every year, so why not our pets?

10 things your pet loves

Cats and dogs are like people. Like us, they love good food, napping or being active, and we all turn our noses up at stale meals, boring days and cold beds.

This is how to take care of your dog's or cat's teeth

That people brush their teeth every day and visit the dentist every year is something we think is quite normal. But dental care for dogs and dental care for cats is just as important!

Tips for happy holidays with your dog or cat

You celebrate the holidays with your family. So your pet is part of that too! These tips will help you pet-proof the holidays with the whole family.

Help, pet hair everywhere: all about moulting

The change of seasons also means mountains of hair on the floor: your faithful four-legged friend is moulting! How do you easily get rid of that hair?

Why is our food so good for your dog?

For your dog, you naturally want only the best dog food. With one of our dog kibbles or dog meals, you will always be right. Just read on! 

Snack wisely: this is how your pet snacks responsibly

Your dog or cat naturally loves a tasty treat, but as with humans, too many snacks for dogs and snacks for cats are not good. In this blog, you can read all about responsible snacking!

From stares to the 5 crazy minutes

Why do dogs always like to roll in dirt so much, what does that strange look in his eyes mean and why does he sometimes run around the house like an idiot? Typical dog behaviour explained!

This is what your dog or cat says to you

We usually talk to our animals in human language, and they often know roughly what we are saying based on the tone in which we speak. But did you know that your cat or dog also talks to you in its own way? Read on to find out how your four-legged friend communicates with you.

5 tips to keep your pet at weight

Being overweight is as dangerous for dogs and cats as it is for humans. These tips will help you keep your four-legged friend at the right weight. Always consult your vet, too.

10x mysterious cat behaviour explained

Cats are mysterious creatures and have their own language and mannerisms. Find out what these mannerisms mean here!

When and how often should I feed my pet?

A full bowl all day, two meals or several small portions a day: how often to feed your pet? A question many pet owners struggle with. Every animal is different, so there is no one-size-fits-all answer, but we will help you get started!