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5 tips to keep your pet at weight

For dogs and cats, being overweight is just as dangerous as for humans. These tips will help you keep your four-legged friend at the right weight. Also, always consult your vet.

Measure what your pet eats

Measure what your pet eats and talk to your vet about the ideal weight for your pet. With this information and the tables on the packaging, you can then easily work out how many grams of food your pet needs per day. Then divide this quantity over at least 2 meals a day.

Tactical snacks

Many dog snacks and cat treats available are real calorie bombs. Treats are often high in fat and sugar. So choose a healthier variant, with ingredients and additives that actually contribute to your pet's health.
Our natural dog snacks healthy cat treats contain as many natural ingredients as possible and we also do not add sugar, salt and artificial aromas, colours and flavours. For example, our salmon and chicken strips are low in fat, but they are packed with salmon and chicken. A super healthy alternative to calorie bombs!

Know what your pet eats

Even with food, it is important to look at exactly what is in it. Often, food is full of ingredients and additives that only increase the calorie count without contributing to the health of your dog or cat. Our products always contain clear labels showing exactly what is in the dog food and cat food.

Moving in all weathers

Exercise is super important for dogs and cats. So make it a habit to set aside time every day to get moving with your pet. For dogs, this means a brisk walk. Your dog needs a longer walk at least once a day, especially if he spends the rest of the day indoors. Step briskly and walk a few blocks. As you notice your dog getting fitter, you can slowly make the walk more intense.

Games with bells

Outdoor cats usually get their daily exercise easily. Cats that spend their days indoors are a different story. Fortunately, you can mimic outdoor activities very easily indoors!

Climbing is essential for a cat and it is good for its nails. So get your cat a scratching post. The advantage of most scratching towers is that they also have lots of spots for your cat to snuggle into.

Hunting can also be imitated perfectly in the house. How about a wad of paper, a feather or bells on a string? Laser lights are also a favourite with many cats. Shine them a bit higher on the wall, so your cat really has to jump up to 'grab' the light.