Snacks to spin from

We love roaring purrs, cups against your leg and chasing our own tail. Being startled in the middle of the night by zoomies, sitting in little boxes and meowing loudly at feeding time. At Rosewood, we understand all too well the depth of that love for your cat. That's why we make delicious snacks packed with high-quality ingredients for our fussy and kitty friends.

Deli line for cats

Of course, you only dish up the very best for your cat. That is why our snacks are packed with meat and fish, making them taste and smell su-prrr delicious. Pamper your cat, for example, with a delicious Deli Soup. This tasty broth of fish and chicken gives your cat extra moisture.

Deli Cups

Rosewood's Deli Cups are more than just a snack: they are a real treat!

"Milo can't get enough of Deli Kisses, it's his purr-fect treat"