Loving Happy Pets

Big, small, furry or feathered. We love pets because we are pet parents just like you. Our love for them is at the heart of everything we do. We do everything we can to bring joy into their daily lives. With over 60 years of expertise and knowledge, we make products that are healthy and support your pet's happiness.

"When I come home from shopping without the chewy bites, I get looked at angrily all day"



Your dog is your best buddy, ready for you day and night. Of course, you then like to spoil him with something tasty to make that little tail wag. From tasty snacks and tasty training treats to chewy bones in all sizes: we have everything for that begging look.


We love the purr of happy cats. With our Deli line, you will make your cat purr really hard. These snacks have been extensively tested by the pickiest cats in the Netherlands and were only approved if at least 80% licked their paws. Worth a try, right?


Rosewood's Black Line has been the number one snack for dogs. Our products are available in supermarkets.