10 things your pet loves

Cats and dogs are like people. Like us, they love good food, napping or being active, and we all turn our noses up at stale meals, boring days and cold beds. But they also get super happy with the following things! 

Hobbies of a dog

Building sleep nests

Do you ever wonder why your dog first turns 20 circles before lying down in his basket? He 'flattens' the ground first and spreads his scent. Not only does the spot now smell like him, all that spinning also makes it the ideal temperature and shape for his body.

Watching TV

Dogs love watching TV! They can't see the images themselves very well, but the light, sound and motion stimuli are a mental stimulus for your dog. It might even temporarily counteract boredom.

Listening to music

Dogs are fascinated by sound and music also seems to affect their emotions. Dogs can become calm to classical music and restless to heavy metal. They respond best to music with a voice.

A private dinner

Eating on their own is heavenly for dogs. They prefer to be left completely alone while eating. It really is a private moment for them.

In your neighbourhood

Does your dog ever sit uncomfortably close to you or on your feet? By sitting so close to you, they show other dogs that they have claimed this human and spread their scent on the owner. 

Do cats have hobbies too? zzzzz.....yes sure!


Cats sleep about 12 to 16 hours a day. Being nocturnal animals by nature, they will do this largely during the day.

Washing and being washed

Paws, back, butt and back to paws; washing keeps your cat's fur and skin clean and healthy. It also spreads important oils over the hair and relaxes your cat.

Sharpening nails on a scratching post

Scratching is also a way of marking territory thanks to the scent glands found in cat paws. In addition, a long scratching post allows cats to have a good stretch!


Cats love to spend hours peering through the window at all the exciting fluttering and chirping. No back or front garden? On YouTube, you can find videos of fluttering garden birds, especially for cats.

Observation points

Your cat is descended from a wild cat. The African Wild Cat, the ancestor of the domestic cat, likes to lurk for its prey or territory from trees. Your house tiger also loves to look down on its territory from a great height. Scratching castles, the stairs and cupboards are wonderful spots.