From small to large

We are Rosewood. We love all pets. From small to large and whether they are furry, fluffy or full of feathers. Because we are pet parents, just like you. Happy pets are the heart of our brand. And have been since 1960.

Only the best ingredients

We love wagging tails, shiny coats and the purr of pure happiness. We believe that when you give love, you also get love back. That is why we use only the best ingredients and materials for our products. So that owners can make a better and healthier choice for their best buddy.

Loving happy pets since 1960

Rosewood was founded in 1960 by three animal-loving friends: Eric and Rose Woods and Harry Irving. They saw that pet parents were looking for superior products for their beloved four-legged friends. To make even more pets happy, they founded Rosewood. After all, we believe that every pet deserves the best. That's why we are constantly developing the very best products for your pet.

Pet Parents' favourite

In 1998, with the same heart for animals, Best for your Friend was founded in the Netherlands. With Best, we conquered the hearts of many a pet parent. Why? Because you saw that our snacks and food had the quality that really makes your pet happy. In 2022, we changed our name to Pets Unlimited, to also make pets outside the Netherlands happy with the tastiest dog and cat snacks in the Netherlands.

Even more extensive range

Now we have joined forces under the name Rosewood. Our mission is to make pets even happier, and with over 70 years of knowledge and experience as pet parents and pet brands, together we can make even more pets healthier and happier than ever before.