Tips for happy holidays with your dog or cat

The holidays you celebrate with your family. So your pet is part of that too! With these tips, you can celebrate the holidays pet-proof with the whole family.


Decorating your home with a cat or dog can be quite a challenge. Your four-legged friend is very curious about all the new things in the house and will love to sniff, play with or push them around. The following tips will keep your Christmas tree safe.

Go for a fake tree

A real pine tree loses its needles and they can be dangerous if swallowed.

Leave the tree for a while before decorating

Pets are sometimes like children: after a while, the novelty wears off and they find something else to play with.

Prevent your pet from getting near the tree

Cats and dogs do not like aluminium foil. This shiny stuff does not feel comfortable on paws and it also makes a strange sound. Put aluminium foil at the base of the tree and also wrap some around the trunk. Of course, you can also put a low fence around the tree.

Decorate above pet-height

While decorating, hang dangerous and breakable ornaments high up so that your pet cannot reach them. Anything that fits into a cat or dog's mouth or can break can be dangerous for your pet. Also be careful with strings and hooks.

Beware of lights and Christmas garlands

Those cheerfully lit cords and shiny garlands look extra festive, of course, but your pet will also find them terribly interesting, resulting in chewing or playing.

Fun Christmas gifts for your pet

Your fluffy friend also deserves some fun for the holidays. How about a new sleeping place? New toys are of course always welcome. Changing toys regularly keeps them 'new' for your pet. There are fun puzzles for sale in which you can hide treats or kibble.

A delicious Christmas meal for your pet

Christmas dinner is the time to indulge in a delicious meal. The temptation is to serve him some treats from the human dinner, but it is better to choose a delicious treat that is really meant for your pet. With our tasty dog snacks and delicious dog meals, you can put an impressive three-course dinner on the table for your dog or cat. We even have a special Christmas range! For example, start with our delicious sushi snacks as a starter or make an antipasti board with different flavours of grillers. As a main course, a steamed meal served with strips of steak fillet and to finish, a delicious chewy stick!

For our cat friends, you can open the Christmas meal with a tasty delicup bonbon filled with delicious fish, followed by a steamed meal decorated with our snacks. Finish off with a delicious delistick and your cat will feast all over!

We hope you and your pet(s) will have beautiful holidays!