From stares to the 5 crazy minutes: why does your dog sometimes behave this way?

Why do dogs always like to roll in dirt so much, what does that strange look in his eyes mean and why does he sometimes run around the house like an idiot? Typical dog behaviour explained!

The penchant for foul smells

After an extended bath or a visit, your pup looks tiptop - until he starts rolling in mud or poo ... Rolling in unpleasant odours may be a trait that dogs inherited from their ancestors. For example, the smell of rotting meat meant a meal and was therefore positive.

In addition, rolling in poo or other unpleasant odours may serve the purpose of masking their own scent. In this way, trying to ensure that a potential prey does not catch the scent of dog, otherwise they might miss the opportunity of a meal. Camouflage, in other words.

The crazy ten minutes

Some dogs get a sudden burst of energy for no apparent reason and go wild. What causes such an attack depends on the dog. For instance, they can get loud and busy when they are tired. It can also be a way of getting rid of pent-up energy or stress. Perhaps in your dog it is triggered by enthusiasm or boredom, or he s not getting enough exercise or mental stimulation.

Why is my dog showing his whites of the eye?

Your dog turns his head away, but his gaze remains fixed on something or someone. You can then clearly see the white of his eyes. This indicates that your dog feels uncomfortable, nervous or even scared. Your dog also indicates that he would like you to do something about what makes him uncomfortable. You are his crutch. So try to help him and don't punish him for this behaviour. If you cannot change anything about the situation, lead your dog away from the problem.

What are you staring at?

You probably recognise the piercing, unending canine gaze as a dog owner. You are relaxed reading a book and feel watched. Chances are, your dog wants something from you that only you can give him. Something tasty to eat, a cuddle or just to play outside!

Is your dog tilting his head while staring? He is probably confused and trying to figure out what you want from him. Are you training and your dog stares at you with a tilted head? Then he has probably misunderstood you.

The tight, direct gaze is a clear warning that a dog bite is coming. Do you approach a dog to pet it or grab something from its basket and it looks at you tightly? And do you also see behaviour such as a stiff tail, completely still body, closed mouth and head held low? Then pull back, as he has clearly warned you.

Of course, it could also be that your dog is looking deep into your eyes because he loves you. Most likely, his tail is waving gently back and forth, he is panting softly and his ears are relaxing. Sweet!

So you see, with those goofy things, our dogs tell quite a lot!