Why is our food so good for your dog?

For your dog, you naturally want only the best dog food. With one of our dog kibbles or dog meals, you will always be right. Just read on! 

Bowels and bladder

Our dog treats contain various ingredients that contribute to your four-legged friend's health. The high proportion of fresh meat or fish is not only super nutritious, but also provides a delicious smell and taste. The dog treats also contain a mix of vegetables, pulses and fruit. For example, it contains the legume carob, a source of fibre and good for intestinal function. You will also find peas, and these are again high in protein, fibre, vitamins B1, B2 and C and minerals, calcium and iron. The cranberry in our kibble has a positive effect on the bladder: it cleanses and increases resistance. This greatly reduces the risk of a bladder infection or urinary tract infection!

A healthy coat

Another ingredient you will find in both kibbles and meals for dogs is salmon oil. Salmon oil contains omega 3 and 6, which has a positive effect on the skin, coat and joints. When we introduced the dog food, we set up a test panel, asking testers about the effect of salmon oil on their dog's coat. Almost half of the owners saw a positive effect. Since they fed our kibble, their dog's coat shined more, felt softer and they noticed their dog had less itching.

Suitable for food-sensitive animals

In addition, our dog food is suitable for dogs with food allergies. The dog food contains only one animal protein source: lamb, salmon or chicken. Moreover, the kibbles are gluten-free: they contain rice and corn as grain sources. This makes it less likely that the dog will develop an allergy to these kibbles. The steamed meals for dogs (and cats!) are also suitable for sensitive four-legged friends: these meals are hypoallergenic and contain brown rice instead of wheat.

Healthy composition

Our steamed meals are suitable to give to your dog as a complete food. This food not only contains meat or fish, but, as with kibble, vegetables are also added. Dogs also need fibre and vitamins from vegetables to stay healthy. With our steamed meals, dogs get a complete meal.

Also the best food for your cat!

We also offer steamed meals with fish and meat for cats. These meals are composed very purely. The steamed meal with tuna, for example, contains only tuna and fish stock. No flavourings are added, as tuna already contains enough flavour of its own. The broth means there is a lot of moisture in the meal, so the cat gets extra fluids. This is especially important in summer, when your cat needs extra moisture.

As you read, we have put a lot of thought into the composition of our meals and kibbles. With our meals, you can therefore be sure that your dog or cat gets the right nutritional values. How nice!